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"All of the trainers are terrific and knowledgeable”

“The instructors are excellent and knowledgeable about their product”

“These courses are excellent”

“Very Informative and energetic!”

“Great classes, great info, great speakers!”

“Very enjoyable, time went fast, easy to follow”

“Very engaging, will come back for more CE Classes”

“He was great, covered everything. I loved the instructors & the stories they shared. A great team”

“I liked the guest speakers. I came into this course knowing NOTHING about mortgages. I am very grateful for the information given. Before this class the only thing I knew about mortgages came from Monopoly!"

“Super knowledgeable instructors. Would like to do more!”

“Everyone was professional  & Informative. The knowledge imparted to the class has been invaluable."

“Very glad I came. Most classes I’ve taken – instructors just went through the motions. These people knew what they were teaching – and conveyed in a manner which we were able to comprehend. Thank you.”

“I really thought I’ve learned a lot in all 3 classes. I expected to be bored but after the 1st class it made me come to all of them. I didn’t even need the credits. They speak very easy (meaning not like a salesman). Doug you are great. Do more classes- I enjoyed them!”

“I liked the fact they will keep in touch with us”

“I found everyone to be very professional and knowledgeable. These courses were very informative and helpful to me”

“Very engaging. Great bunch! Guest speakers were all informative and kept my interest. Looking forward to our appt on social media. Thank you!”
“All aspects were presented in an easy to follow manner. Made learning easier.”


"I am the Realtor that sat at the 1st table on your left, in the corner. (I won the dollar for remembering that pay day every other week is not the same as twice a month) Thank you so much for today's class. I learned so much about credit and how it affects my clients...and I was entertained at the same time. As an added bonus, I'm receiving CE credit for it! You can't beat that. I am so glad that I saw your email in time yesterday. "

"I enjoy the anecdotes and "war stories" everyone shared."

"Engaged the class & brought in reinforcement."

"I thought the baton passing was brilliant."

"The entire class was very useful. I learned a lot about mortgages that I didn't know."

"Great information!"

"I like the whole concept and the information was very helpful."

"Great information, please have more of these courses!"

"Understands that business should be taken care of :)"

"Having the mortgage brokers in the room to give live examples works, the stories work and any additional information."

"Please come teach our agency."

"I am looking forward to the other courses."

"I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the 3 classes that I’ve attended this month. You are a gifted, and knowledgeable, teacher. I look forward to taking more classes with you in Oct. Thanks."